SIEM System Engineer

Posted: 4/14/2020 

Job Description

Location and Working Hours

  1. The Engineer will be located at SecureMisr office, and will be deployed onsite at customer’s based on project or support needs
  2. The Engineer is required to regular work hours, with occasional off hours activities during emergencies


Job Duties

  1. Perform IBM Q-Radar deployments, configurations, updates and upgrades
  2. Integrating new log sources
  3. Develop DSMs to integrate non-standard log sources
  4. Troubleshooting technical issues, identify root causes with recommended solutions
  5. Assist in architecting QRadar deployments
  6. Perform SIEM security assessments and health checks


Required Skills

  1. Solid understanding of Q-Radar of IBM Q-Radar architecture, components and applications
  2. Experience in deploying IBM QRadar in different configurations
  3. Experience in writing DSMs
  4. Experience in writing SIEM Use Cases
  5. Solid familiarity and hands on experience with different security products


Personal Traits

  1. Ability to work in teams
  2. Methodical troubleshooting skills
  3. Ability to work unsupervised and independently
  4. Solid writing skills
  5. Ability to articulate complex issues in simple language


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