IT Security Essentials

This introductory course aims to build professionals capable of implementing and operating the ISMS, controls, policies and procedures with a focus on Networking Infrastructure. Protecting information assets in today's interconnected environment is a true challenge especially with the abundance of e-attacks and e-crime. Having a capable information security team within any organization is key to be able to implement best practice, monitor, and mitigate information risks. The course is highly interactive and the hands-on mainly focuses on latest information security techniques and tools.

course syllabus

Introduction to Linux

  • Installation
  • Directory Structure
  • File-system Basics
  • CLI
  • Tools
  • Securing Linux

Network Essentials

  • Introduction to TCP/IP
  • Routing
  • Protocol Analysis

Exploits, Detection and Defenses/Response

  • Anatomy of an attack
  • Network level attack
  • Application attacks; Buffer overflow
  • Viruses and malicious code
  • Vulnerability Scanning

Perimeter Defense, Systems Security and Monitoring

  • Firewall Types: Packet Filtering, Stateful Inspection and Application Layer
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Windows Security

Basic Cryptographic Concepts Topics

  • Symmetric Ciphers
  • Digital Certificates
  • Full-Disk Encryption
  • Email Encryption (PGP)

Who Should Attend?

  • IT professionals who would like to acquire essential cyber security knowledge
  • Aspiring cyber security professionals who would like to acquire cyber security knowledge to start their careers.
  • IT auditors who need to understand key technical cyber security concepts to perform their jobs.

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