CASE STUDY: ALEXBANK Upgrades its Cybersecurity Posture by Leveraging SecureMisr’s Robust Testing and Advisory Platforms

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“ALEXBANK has been using SecureMisr since July 2017 as a trusted security advisor for the information security agenda to aid in strengthening the vulnerability management strategy. We work closely with SecureMisr in seeking professional advice as an industry leader fully knowledgeable of the regulatory and compliance environment in Egypt. The work conducted over the past years has resulted in a level of managed risk which is viewed favorably by auditors, compliance teams, and meets the fast pace of our ever-growing digital banking needs.” – Dareen Shaheen, Head of Information Security Department.



"The banking industry depends on maintaining a high level of cybersecurity as well as a PCI compliant status. When we were preparing for our certification SecureMisr was there to help as a trusted advisor to meet compliance requirements. Their knowledge and experience with PCI, cybersecurity, and compliance made the PCI experience seamless and took the hassle out of the entire process.” – Commercial International Bank (CIB)